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Atlanta Ski Club Trip

March,  2002

Partiers from the Hawaii Ski Club and Atlanta Ski Club
people.jpg (25266 bytes)

Signpost in 2002 
More mile markers than 1976!

signpost.jpg (21767 bytes)
Anchorage Signpost in 1976

photo below was taken by my Granpa in 1976


76visitors.jpg (30369 bytes)

I kissed a moose:
kiss.jpg (31541 bytes)

We saw whales on a cruise out of Seward, then toured this Sea Life Center
sealife.jpg (25911 bytes)

This where the Ididarod race starts
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Helicopter ride to Mt. McKinley
helicop.jpg (19135 bytes)

Blue Glaciers
glacier.jpg (21900 bytes)


moon.jpg (12437 bytes)

We also skied. This is a view of the mountain.
You could ski just about anywhere. Even double-diamonds!
alyeskatrailguide.jpg (33163 bytes)

This is the view when you're looking up at the mountain:

This is the view when you're skiing down the mountain:
slope.jpg (19894 bytes)


moose.jpg (24577 bytes)


The Atlanta Ski Club (ASC) Trip

March 23 to March 30, 2002 (Saturday to Saturday)

This was the first ASC trip to Alaska.  It was scheduled during a time with only 4 hours of daylight (oops) then rescheduled to March.


Great Trip leaders, Ken and Mary Donaldson.

Martha was my roomate.  Debbie Creasy & Lloyd Hough, Neal Graper, Ray Wiggins, Tony Whalen & Terri Wickman (After the trip)

We stayed at the Alyeska Prince Hotel   in Girdwood

Every day had suggested activities, lunch spot, apres ski, alternative to skiing, dinners suggestions.

Alternative suggestions Nordic skiing, snow shoeing, Sno-cat tour


To Portage Glacier/Big Game Alaska

Alaska Heritage Center

Day trip to Seward

Wildlife Glacier Cruise

Visit Big Game Alaska

Tour Alaska Sialife Center

Day trip to Anchorage, Town Trolley Tour, Tour David Green Furriers

Anchorage pub crawl


Other resources

Kenai Fjords Tours

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Hele skiing

Alaska Sea Life Center 125 South of Anchorage in Seward

Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau

Major Marine Tours

Glaciers Cruise


Alaska Experience Theatre

Prince William Sound Cruises and Tours



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