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China Pictures

I visited China, Thailand, and Singapore in 1993.
I went to Splendid China Theme Park in Orlando Florida in 2002

Click here for a journal of this trip

Take a look at these comparison photos!

1960 - Grandfather's picture of Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand

1993 - My picture.


1993 - My picture of the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

forbcity93.jpg (35231 bytes)


2002 - My picture of the same thing in Splendid China, Orlando Florida

forbcity02.jpg (38431 bytes)


Splendid China, Orlando Florida


1993 - My picture of the Terra Cotta soldier in Xian,China.

Uncovered in 1974. 8000 individually carved soldiers and horses

terracotta93.jpg (51507 bytes)


2002 - My picture of the same thing in Splendid China, Orlando Florida

terracotta02.jpg (35785 bytes)


Splendid China, Orlando Florida



1993 - The Great Wall. 4200 miles long in China
grwall93.jpg (36772 bytes)


2002 - My picture in Splendid China, Orlando Florida.  4 feet tall, half a mile long.
grwall02.jpg (36507 bytes)



Splendid China, Orlando Florida



Splendid China

Splendid China was a theme park near Disney in Florida. It opened in 1993, and closed on December 31, 2003.  doesn't work, so go to


       3000 Splendid China Boulevard   Kissimmee, Florida  34747  (2 miles from Disney World on U.S. 192 west, three miles west of 1-4 (exit 25B), between mile markers 4 & 5)

       1-407-396-7111 or 800-244-6226  email: schina @

This is a 76 acre park.  The pathways are landscaped with bonsai trees.

It features 60 exhibits replicating Chinese landmarks in miniature.  There are knee-high buildings, bridges, and temples.  You can see: 

There are four restaurants and 13 gift shops.

We watched a performance by Chinese dancers.

Built by China Travel Service of Hong Kong at a cost of $100 million.

Entrance cost is $23.55

The Splendid China park opened in December, 1993. I visited in January, 2002.  It closed shortly after that.


Jan, 2002 . Mom and Dad drove down from St.Aug. I flew from Atl.  Stayed at Renaissance Worldgate, 3011 Maingaite Lane, Kissimmee, FL 34747.  Total cost for 4 nights was $162.75 = ($35 x 4 ) + 16.80 tax + 5.95 processing fee on  Not bad!!!


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