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Click here for a journal of my trip to Greece in August, 2004


The Parthenon is an ancient Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena Parthenos (Athena the Virgin), on the Acropolis in Athens. Although partly in ruins today, it remains a masterpiece of Greek architecture, especially of the Doric order—the earliest and simplest of the classical Greek styles. The Parthenon is noted for its perfect simplicity of design and the harmony of its proportions. It was built from 447 to 432 bc.

Here are some pictures taken by family members and friend of the Parthenon throughout the years.

Athens, Greece Parthenon in 1961

  6110 PartheonAthens.jpg (17229 bytes) photo taken by grandfather

Athens, Greece Parthenon in 1979

7908h_10 Parthenon.jpg (19200 bytes) photo taken by brother

Athens, Greece Parthenon in 2003 (rebuilding for the 2004 Olympics)

0308_2 Parthenon.jpg (19095 bytes)     0308_1 Parthenon.jpg (19303 bytes) photo by Lee Johnson


Nashville, Tennessee Parthenon in 1972

7208_2 Partheon in Nashville.jpg (22168 bytes) photo taken by father

Nashville, Tennessee Parthenon in 2002

0208_1 Partheon in Nashville.JPG (27081 bytes) photo taken by sister


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