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Haiti Mission Trip

NEW Missions Trip    April 6 to 13, 2002

Click here for my journal of the awesome experience.


The Port Au Prince airport
paupairport.jpg (22400 bytes)

Front row: Suzanna, Carita, Stevie, Jeremy, Laura, Adam, Tiffany
Middle row: Louise, Shawn, Mary, Jolene, Veronique, Tina, Barb, Jim, Emily, Dan, Ashley
Back row:Christi, Derrick,Cliff, Madeline, Shawn and Charlie
group.jpg (35295 bytes)

Carita, Charlie, Jeremy, and Rachel (Nathan is not in the picture)

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 postcard.jpg (23993 bytes)

Morning devotions under the Mango tree

amdevotions.jpg (27374 bytes)

Ride in a Haitian Boat

    boatride.jpg (15839 bytes)


Nurse Laura

lauranurse.jpg (24841 bytes)

Christi is "Ti Blan" (Little White)

tiblan.jpg (19449 bytes)


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Tiffany shares a message
at the Women's Meeting in Neply

tiffanyspeaking.jpg (34806 bytes)

Cliff's sermon to 600

wedamchurchcliff.jpg (19960 bytes)

Our primary mode of transportation

transport.jpg (33522 bytes)

The Leogane Market

market.jpg (31768 bytes)


 Mission Walk Skits for a village crowd

missionwalkskit.jpg (25442 bytes)

Painting school benches

parinting.jpg (20928 bytes)



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