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Holy Land

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Suzanna's Brother Travels to Israel


These pictures from the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida


My photos were taken in 2002.  The 1961 photos were taken by my Grandfather in Jerusalem, Israel.


In 2010 they had up to $42 million in contributions.

In 2014 they had about $2 million in contirbutions and a $1.3 deficit.

July 22, 2016 Atlanta Journal Constitution "Christian theme park puts items up for sale" in a massive estate sale.

August, 2016 the web site does not indicate that the park is closed, yet....

The Holy Land is a living, biblical museum designed to give you a glimpse of what life was like during the time of Jesus Christ. It is a multi-sensory experience that transports you 7,000 miles away and 3,000 years back in time to the ancient city of Jerusalem. They have recreated in elaborate and authentic detail that historic city and its religious importance between the years 1450 AD and 66 AD.
    1450 BC during the time of Moses when the Isrealites were wandering in the desert for 40 years.
    Jesus teaching, his crucifixion, and the destruction of Jerusalem and the city's Herodian Temple by the Roman in 66 AD.
They combine costumes, dramatic enactments, music, theatrical event, high-tech, multi-media presentation, and film.



  2002holylandentrace.jpg (36435 bytes)


The Temple of the Great King. Gods home on earth. Where Abraham offered his son Issaac as a sacrafice.
Location of King Soloman's Temple.
2002kingstemple.jpg (24955 bytes)


1961 - Jerusalem Wall - Damascus Gate
10_61B4_27Jerusalem City Wall.jpg (22334 bytes)

2002 - Jerusalem Wall in The Holy Land Experience
2002JerusalemCityWall.jpg (23983 bytes)

1961 - Grandfather's picture in Israel
10_61R4_06.jpg (37461 bytes)


  2002 - Calvary's Garden Tomb in the Holy Land Experience, Florida
2002gardentomb.jpg (28848 bytes)


1961 - Calvary's Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Israel
10_61R4_04Garden Tomb.jpg (19448 bytes)


  The Holy Land Experience model of Jerusalem A.D. 66
2002model.jpg (19551 bytes)

The Wailing Wall in the model
2002modeldetail.jpg (18299 bytes)

  2002mysoul.jpg (17606 bytes)

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