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Puerto Rico

My family visited Puerto Rico in 1964 and I visited again in April, 2001.

Puerto Rico is a United States Commonwealth.
It has 600 miles (965 km) of palm-fringed coastline and a rain forest.
The island is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide. Population is about 4 million

We stayed right on the beach at the Colonial Hotel & Beach Resort, Tartak Street #2, Carolina, PR 00979  (787-253-0100)

(aka Water Club, 2 Jose M Tartak Street, Isla Verde, San Juan. (1 888) 265-6699.)
Call Utell Hotel Book at 1 (800) 207-6900 to find a room.
At the airport, get a fixed price ticket for a taxi to your hotel.

This was Delta Escape weekend trip. Roundtrip air was $203. Leave Atl Fri 27th at 8:30 pm, Arrive San Juan 11:57. Leave San Juan Sun 29th 4:25 pm, Arrive ATL 8:25 pm.   Ron rented a car and trekked the rain forest.  I did the walking tour and saw everything!  I took a ferry across the strait to tour the Bacardi Plant - the world's largest rum factory. Here are some photo highlights with some 1964-2002 comparisons.

El Capitolio in San Juan
Headquarters of the Puerto Rico Legislature

prcapitalbldg01.jpg (24843 bytes)

sancristobalsign01.jpg (23276 bytes)

Fuerte San Cristobal - San Juan's largest fortification in Puerto Rico.    Built 1634 to 1785

castleentrance.jpg (25089 bytes)


castleentrance01.jpg (27173 bytes)


The fortress turret at Morro Castle

1964 - Suzi at 4 years old. castleinsideSP.jpg (20694 bytes)

2001 - Suzanna grown up.

castleinsideSP01.jpg (22624 bytes)

1964 - Tina, Paul, Suzi

I was asked to leave these photos as a historical record of where these balls were located before they were moved ------------------------------------------->
castlecannonballsSTP.jpg (26364 bytes)

2001 - Relocated cannon balls

castlecannonballs01.jpg (20742 bytes)


streetbldg.jpg (19769 bytes)

streetbldg01.jpg (27007 bytes)

Plaza Colon - Statue of Christopher Columbus

squarestatue.jpg (25114 bytes)

squarestatue01.jpg (22994 bytes)

Check out these postcards!  

This one shows the coastline in 1964.
Notice the airport runway
coastline64.jpg (246436 bytes)

Here is the same coast line in 2001.
You can see the airport control tower.
coastline01.jpg (27921 bytes)

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