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AZ Grand Canyon

July 1998 and 1965

Delta escape weekend. Fly in at 8:30 pm. Drive 2 hours to Flagstaff for the night. Drive to Grand Canyon in the morning. Ron did an all-day killer hike. I took the West Rim Shuttle and got off at all eight stops, hiked the Hermit Trail for an hour, then took the East Rim Shuttle and hiked the South Kaibab Trail to Cedar Ridge. What a wonderful day. Sunday we saw the IMAX movie and Visitor Center show, and the Baby Grand Canyon.

110 degrees in Phoenix, 88 at the Canyon. Perfect.

Oct65Suz2b.jpg (13973 bytes)

Grand Canyon in 1965

This next picture is actually Providence Canyon, Georgia!
dscf0088.jpg (31895 bytes)

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Bright Angel Trial

Sign at the top of the trail


This is Ron right before his 10 hour trek down to the river and back on one day!



This is mule


Here are mules on the trail

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Switchbacks on South Kaibab Trail - see the little people in the middle of the picture!Closer shot of the switchbacks


Desert View Watchtower



This is the "Baby Grand Canyon" on the way back to Phoenix


This is from 1965 when we visited the Grand Canyon:

"The rates quoted in this folder do not include Arizona Sales Tax (3% on rooms, 1.5 on meals)."

The El Tovar Hotel  rates in 2009 are:

Standard Double $166.00
Standard Queen $196.00
Deluxe $256.00


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