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Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

November, 2004

Revenge of the Mummy is the only thrill ride in this place. See my comments below about the other rides.

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Shrek 4D show.

Very entertaining. 

Immobile seats at the front if you want.  

Show has it's scary moments. 

 You feel  water sprinkles, air bursts (spiders?),

and seat jostles you around a bit.

Twister - My RC rating **

Skip this if the wait is longer than 10 minutes.

Get inside, stand in a holding room and you are shown a show on how the movie was made on a big screen.

Move to another holding room, and see more about how the movie was made on small screens.

Finally corralled into a movie set where you see and feel wind and fire.  You are standing the whole time.

TIP: Get in the middle row.  Back row gets doused with water, front row gets toasted with fire.

There is a stationary viewing area for wheel chairs.


Revenge of the Mummy -  My RC rating  *****  Great Thrill.  Skip everything else, but don't miss this one!

12 per car that rides on tracks.  Slow through "pyramid tombs" first, then up a hill and all heck breaks loose.  Pitch black and FAST roller coaster.  I was in the front row and I didn't see the track very often.  A big drop of "fog" water slammed into my eye. Ouch!  That didn't stop me from going again and again.  People applaud at the end of this one.

TIP: Use the single line to get on this ride quicker.

12 per car.


Back to the Future - My RC rating  **

8 per car. 3 cars stationed in front of an IMAX movie screen. 

Some good effects.  The screen does not surround you like Spiderman.

The car stays in one place but it tilts and rumbles.  You can see the other cars in the theater.




Earthquake - My RC rating **

Wait outside, then 220 people are herded inside to a small closed, hot room.  Get a spot where you can lean on the wall.  Next you move into anther room where can sit and watch how they film special effects.  They did the exact same PT boat scene that we saw in the Disney MGM Backlot Tour. Finally all 220 people board the two "subway" cars and that's where the 8.3 "earthquake" happens.  Pretty dramatic show.  People the left feel fire, people on the right might get splashed with a little water.


ET - My RC rating **


eight  "bikes" Seating position:


Nice little ride.


JAWS My RC rating **

This is not a "water ride".  The adjective that comes to mind is "cheesy".

4 to 7 people per seat (depending on the size of the people). If you 're on the outside seat, you may get splashed a little.

TIP: Left side is better. 



Men in Black My RC rating **


6 per car.  A slow ride along a track. Some spins.
You can see another car through most of the ride.
Seemed like there was way too much open space.
The aliens looked very plastic.



Animal Planet Live


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