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Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida

November, 2004

More roller coasters!

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Dueling Dragons - My RC rating ***

Two roller coasters: Red and Blue running at the same time. Opened 5/1999. Using the same track as Batman (6 Flags Georgia) !?!  Batman (opened 5/1997) seemed better maintained.  This one seemed shakey and rough.

One coaster broke, so they neither ran.  Heard many times "There will be brief delay" , then finally "there will be an extended delay". 

Tip: If they announce an extended delay, STAY IN LINE at least another 5 minutes.  They REOPENED it right after many many people left following the extended delay announcement.  It's a trick they play and it has happened to me twice.


Very elaborate castle to go through while you wait in line.  Even if you don't ride the roller coaster, if there is no line, I recommend walking through the castle.  Look up to see hanging knights from the ceiling.  Scenes reminiscent of the Christian catacombs in Italy.


Seating position, feet dangle.


Red and Blue run at the same time. Lots of twisted track looks scary.



Spider-Man - My RC rating *****  Great ride!!!  A fun surprise of a ride.



12 people per car. Wear 3D glasses. Car moves on tracks around to different rooms. Spins sometimes, not a roller coaster, but you get that feeling because there are screens ALL AROUND you.  Very effective 3D effects.  People applaud at the end of this ride.

TIPS: Break up your group and use the single line to get on the ride quicker.  The first row is more thrilling than the back.



Doctor Doom's Fearfall - My RC rating ***


Anticipation at the beginning is the worst part. Once it starts, it is not scary. You do not shoot up, you go up and immediately ride (not really a fall ) back down to a bounce up and down again. Similar effect to the Tower of Terror.  Acrophobia (6 flags Georgia) was a much better .




HULK - My RC rating *** 


A very fun roller coaster, nice smooth ride.

Over head restraint, feet do not dangle.





Sinbad - The show.  Funny.


Where the heck is our hotel?  Hurricane Charley shows it's force.



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