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Roller Coasters

In 2004 I went to 9 ROLLER COASTER destinations!


My personal roller coaster ratings is 5-star ***** is the best and * is awful. 

In 2004, I had fast thrills at 9 theme parks in one  year:

  Busch Gardens Tampa,   6 Flags over Georgia,   Disney Magic Kingdom,   Disney EpcotDisney MGM,

  Disney Animal Kingdom,   Universal Studios,   Universal Islands of Adventure, and Las Vegas


In October, 2007 I rode the 2nd and 6th highest and fastest roller coasters in the world.  They are at Cedar Point in Ohio.  This is from the Roller Coaster Database at  It rocks with stats!


Rank Speed     Roller Coaster               Amusement Park                  Location                                        Opened

1st   128 mph   Kingda Ka                   Six Flags Great Adventure    Jackson, New Jersey 08527 USA   2005

2nd  120 mph  Top Thrill Dragster       Cedar Point                          Sandusky, Ohio 44870 USA         2003

3rd  107 mph    Dodonpa                    Fuji-Q Highland                  Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Japan       2001

4th  100 mph    Superman The Escape  Six Flags Magic Mountain     Valencia, California 91355 USA     1997

5th   95 mph     Steel Dragon 2000       Nagashima Spa Land           Nagashima, Japan                     2006

6th   93 mph    Millennium Force          Cedar Point                         Sandusky, Ohio 44870 USA         2000



Rating: ******



This Bull Ride was tons more fun than the ostrich ride!  My form was almost as good as the professional bull riders that I saw in Atlanta!




Christopher Reeves is no longer with us, but Ultimate Flight lives on at Six Flags over Georgia!

In October, 2007 I rode the 2nd and 6th highest and fastest roller coasters in the world.  They are at Cedar Point in Ohio.   


Millennium Force                        

Aggressive Thrill ride
Duration: 2 min., 0 sec.
Speed: 93 mph

It is the big star of the show. A true Giant among coasters.
So huge, it created a whole new category “the giga-coaster.
Welcome to Millennium Force, the 310 foot, 93 MPH record-breaking monster of a thrill ride.
The first hill features an elevator cable lift system to get you to the top faster,
then it is an 80-degree drop to start the coaster ride of your life!

Top Thrill Dragster

Aggressive Thrill ride
Duration: 0 min., 17 sec.

In the race for pure adrenaline thrills, there is one winner: Top Thrill Dragster.
Nothing else compares to this high-horsepower shot into the sky.
At the start you are launched forward, from zero to 120 MPH in less than 4 seconds.

Angle of lift hill is 90 degrees so you're going straight up,

few seconds later, you're 420 feet in the air.

then straight down - angle of twist on descent is 270 degrees,  then and back to the finish line.
The ride may be over in 17 seconds, but it'll stay with you forever.



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